Open Multiple Projects

Open all the projects you are working on currently in one window.

Show All Dependencies

View Dependencies as well as Dev Dependencies of any project that is mentioned in package.json.

Quick Copy Widget

Easy copying widget to all you lazy peeps. Something that is missing in the real documentation page.

Offline Access Documentation

Access all the documentation offline in one click. No internet required.

In-App Browser

Open external link in the app itself when in contact with internet, ofcourse.

Open Source

Seeking for more features, write one. This project is completely open source. Do whatever the hack you want to do with it.

What is MoDDoC?

We all use node modules in our projects, and we have to read their documentation over and over. But going on npm org and searching for a node module to read its documentation can waste a lot of time. So that's why we made MoDDoC. It's a simple tool to read the node module's documentation easily.

Sarthak Sharma
Maker, Team Xenox


MoDDoC is available on all platforms. Find the download links below.

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